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Turnrow is an agricultural consulting company focusing on conservation, communications and investment advisory.


  • We work with farmers, absentee landowners and investors to fulfill their goals of acquiring and managing land in creative and productive ways.

  • Leveraging experience from field to policy for delivering just the right message, Turnrow and its partners deliver creative and effective marketing and communication strategies and products to the agricultural and environmental sectors. 

Toby's experience in agriculture is life long and diverse.  With roots in a multi-generational family farm in Pennsylvania, Toby started working in and with production agriculture at a young age.  He has worked on a variety of farms - from small hay farms to 5,000 acre grain operations. These jobs in the field have given Toby a solid understanding of modern agriculture, its practices, and the daily decisions that farmers make.  


Away from the tractor, Toby spent 12 years with the United States Department of Agriculture, 8 in the National Office in Washington D.C..  At the USDA, Toby worked directly on complex agriculture policy, capping his career as the Chief of Farm Programs at the Federal level for Maryland.  In this leadership role, he administered his Agency's Federal Farm Bill programs such as conservation, price support, and disaster assistance.  He also focused on Chesapeake Bay restoration-- working with Federal, State, Local and NGO organizations involved in the Bay restoration effort-- serving as a key point person for collaboration with the EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program Office. 

Toby Lloyd


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